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Growing Clematis & Passion Flower Indoors As Houseplants…

I don’t think John quite gets my vision of my indoor garden, he is momentarily blissfully unaware of what I want to create. I get the feeling he is expecting a few house plants. I am planning to fit 50 plants in my living room…

I literally want a indoor garden, not just a few plants dotted here & there. For a start, on the wall next to where I’m sitting, I can fit 6 wall planters. Over the patio door 6 hanging pots. When I walk into my lounge, the first thought which I want to hit me is ‘Plants!’ then ‘light’…then ‘Its so beautiful & peaceful, I love my indoor garden’…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI want to bring my garden plants indoors. One in particular. My clematis armandii. It does grow fast. It flowers on the last years growth. I am going to give it a tall pot & metal obelisk. Then place it in the sunniest part of my house. Which is the kitchen…

Can I grow passion flower indoors?

The Passion Flower: A Perfect Tropical Vine For Growing Indoors

Oh! Wow! I love passion flowers. The best thing about growing my plants indoors as house plants. I get to see them more. With out the burning sun, weeds, noisy neighbours. I can wander around my house admiring my lovely plants…




I am a quiet, easy going, fun loving, curvy lady. I have been married for 25 years, we have got 4 wonderful kids aged 27-20-23-16 & our gorgeous little grand daughter... I am on my 'healthy eating' weight loss journey, but I want to also blog about my other interests, from gardening to the paranormal & many other thing's in between...

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